Young Drunk Punk

Growing up as a punk in Calgary during the 1980s.

Genre: Comedy

Actor: Tim Carlson

Country: Canada

Duration: N/A

Quality: HD

Release: 2015

IMDb: 7.2

Season 1 - Young Drunk Punk
"Calgary; 1980: Young rebels, Ian and Shinky set out to find a great destiny and a great job, but when that all proves too hard they decide to revolutionize society!"
"Determined to not end up like his father, Ian takes a construction job with Shinky - but his new boss turns out to be his sister's scary ex-boyfriend."
"Lloyd tries a new hair salon, and winds up enamoured with the service, leading Helen to suspect even worse."
"Ian and Shinky find out that The Clash is coming to Calgary - and make it their mission in life to get tickets."
"A Calgary Flames hockey player moves to Brae Vista and causes nothing but trouble for Ian, Shinky, and Helen."
"After seeing the film Eraserhead, Ian and Shinky decide to make their own movie, using the security cameras at Brae Vista."
"Lloyd and Ian find common ground while watching a mildly racy yoga show one morning, until Helen joins the cast of the show, and Belinda discovers feminism!"
"After a few failed dates with Diane, Ian has only one chance to make things right. Unfortunately it\u2019s on the same day as his grandmother\u2019s funeral."
"When Brae Vista gets a Space Invaders game, Ian and Shinky decide to fight back against its mindless conformity with the age-old tool of graffiti."
"When Shinky becomes a guitarist in Calgary\u2019s hottest band, Ian sets off to find his own talent as a critic for the local newsletter."